Have you ever had your body composition analyzed??

I am excited to announce that the “Tanita Professional DC-430U Total Body Composition Analyzer” is now available for use for all patients. This professional grade analyzer is even qualified for sport weight-ins and tracking. This feature will be included in any scheduled appointment with me for no extra charge. You will receive a take home printout of your results on the spot to help monitor your health status. 

After inputting your individual parameters this professional scale will provide your:

 – Weight

In lbs. 

 – Fat%

Reference range: 21.0-32.9%

 – Fat mass

Reference range: 28.6-52.8lbs.

 – Free fat mass

Includes internal organs, bone, muscle, water, and connective tissue. 

 – Muscle mass

In lbs. 

 – Total body water

In lbs. 

 – Total body water%

Female: 45-60%


 – Bone mass

In lbs.

 – Basal metabolic rate

Reference range: 18.5-25

 – Metabolic age

Indicates the average age associated with your metabolism which will fall between 12-90.

 – Visceral fat rating

Indicates the level of visceral fat (abdominal fat) in your body.  Ratings 1-12 indicates a healthy level. 13-59 indicates an excess of visceral fat. 

 – BMI

Healthy Range: 18.5-25

 – Ideal body weight 

 – Degree of obesity 

In %.

 – Physique rating

Assesses your physique according to the ratio of body fat and muscle mass in your body. Ratings from 1-9 are given.


  1. Hidden obese  – high body fat% and low muscle mass 
  2. Obese – high body fat % with moderate muscle mass
  3. Solidly built – high body fat% and muscle mass
  4. Under-exercised – average body fat% and less than average muscle mass
  5. Standard -average body fat% and muscle mass
  6. Standard muscular – average body fat% and higher than normal muscle mass
  7. Thin – lower than normal body fat % and muscle mass 
  8. Thin and muscular (athlete)- Lower than normal body fat % while having adequate muscle mass 
  9. Very muscular – lower body fat% and higher above average muscle mass 


DC-430U(7) – Professional Body Composition analyzer