Free Nutrition Information Website to Help you Reach your Fitness Goals!

Nutrition is the most important part of your plan in achieving your health goals, & is a wonderful website that incorporates many different functions that allow you to assess what you are eating, or what you should be eating! 

  • Find out your personalized BMI/Dietary intake/Caloric intake ratio
  • Find out which foods are highest in a specific nutrient
  • Track your food intake (I would suggest an app like “mynetdiary” instead for this function)
  • View glycemic indices of foods
  • Find recipes based on ingredients you already have in your kitchen
  • Unit conversions for assessing volumes of food
  • and so much more!! 


** If you have questions about nutrition, or have any concerns regarding your current medical condition that can not be answered on a general website such as this, make an appointment with your local Naturopathic doctor, or Clinical Nutritionist for further assessment**


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